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'Diction' can be best defined as which of the following?
a) Word Order
b) Sentence Structure
c) Word Choice
d) Dialogue

'I am stuck on Band-aid because Band-aid's stuck on me' is an example of which rhetorical device?
a) Chiasmus
b) Metaphor
c) catalogue
d) metonymy

Which of the definitions is true about Metonymy?
a) It refers to a thing by the name of one of its parts.
b) It is the word we use to describe another thing is closely linked to that particular thing
c) It compares one thing to another.
d) It is a statement that seems to be contradictory.

Which of the following is the main functions of Ambiguity?
a) It allows the reader to imagine the scene.
b) It lets the reader interpret the passage.
c) It allows the reader to teach the skill to others.
d) It serves the purpose of lending a deeper meaning to a literary work.

“My life is my purpose. My life is my goal. My life is my inspiration.” This is an example of which rhetorical device?
a) Anaphora
b) Asyndeton
c) Catalogue
d) inversion

'Foolish wisdom' is an example of which rhetorical device?
a) Antithesis
b) Allusion
c) Oxymoron
d) Analogy

What is the primary function of an analogy?
a) To compare more than two different things.
b) To explain purpose to the reader.
c) To define a rhetorical term.
d) To link an unfamiliar or a new idea with common and familiar objects.

In the SOAPSTone method, which item represents the time and place in which a piece was written?
a) Occasion
b) Purpose
c) Tone
d) Speaker

'America decided to enter WWII after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the immediate threat of global dominance by the Nazis.' This is an example of which term?
a) Periodic Sentence
b) Complex Sentence
c) Loose Sentence
d) Compound Sentence

Which of the following is not an example of indirect characterization?
a) 'Oh boy, I am sooo hungry,' said Sam.
b) 'Sam you are eating that cake like there's no tomorrow.' Sherri said.
c) Sam was hungry.
d) Sam's mouth watered as his glared at the cake.

'My brother was boiling mad.' This is an example of which rhetorical device?
a) Metaphor
b) Simile
c) parallel structure
d) synedoche

Which sentence is grammatically correct?
a) Donald go to the store.
b) Donald, go to the store.
c) Donald, go to the store
d) Donald go to the store

Which of the following sentences is a complex sentence
a) Unless you stop now, I will tell the teacher.
b) She stopped and I told the teacher.
c) The dog barked, but my sister was still scared.
d) She laughed at the little boy.

Which of the following definitions would define the term 'pessimistic?'
a) A person who enjoys being around others.
b) An over exaggeration
c) A feeling of excitement.
d) Someone who has a negative outlook on life

Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct?
a) Terrell was tired so he fell asleep.
b) Terrell was tired, so him fell asleep.
c) Terrell was tired, so he fell asleep.
d) Terrell was tired, so Terrell fell asleep.

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