6th Grade 2016: Final Exam Review PART 2 Question Preview (ID: 31801)

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Supernovas produce
a) Elements heavier than Iron
b) Solar Eclipses
c) Aurora Borealises
d) Elements lighter than iron

Two tectonic plates grind past each other horizontally at which type of plate boundary?
a) Transform Boundary
b) Convergent Boundary
c) Divergent Boundary
d) Stationary Boundary

Approximately how old is the Earth?
a) 4.6 billion years old
b) 13 billion years old
c) 200 milllion years old
d) 225 million years

The layer that makes up most of Earth's mass and volume is the
a) mantle
b) crust
c) lithosphere
d) outer core

Which earthquake fault runs through the town of Concord?
a) Bloody Bluff Fault
b) Peabody Fault
c) Sanborn Fault
d) Walden Fault

The engine behind Plate Tectonics
a) convection currents in the mantle
b) conduction currents in the mantle
c) Scrat in the mantle
d) Ocean currents in the mantle

The Earth's magnetic field, generated by the outer core protects us from:
a) Space Radiation
b) Sunburns
c) Asteroid Impacts
d) Earthquakes

The movement of the ocean floor on either side of the mid ocean ridge is known as
a) Sea-floor Spreading
b) Subduction zone
c) Conveyor Belt Ridge
d) Jet Stream

Which super continent began to break up 225 million years ago?
a) Pangaea
b) Gondwanaland
c) Laurasia
d) Rontini

You are a very brilliant man Alfred Wegner noticed something about the shapes of the continents
a) Puzzle-Fit
b) Smooth Borders
c) High Elevations
d) Irregular Coastlines

The deepest parts of the ocean are associated with subduction zones are called
a) Trenches
b) Continental Slopes
c) Rift Valley
d) Hot Spots

The Earth's core is composed of of two magnetic metals
a) Iron and Nickel
b) Silver and Gold
c) Aluminum and Magnesium
d) Mercury and Platinum

The scientific scale used to measure the magnitude of energy released by an earthquake
a) The Richter Scale
b) The Mercalli Scale
c) The Saffir-Simpson Scale
d) The Torino Scale

During an earthquake, the most intense ground shaking occurs at the
a) Epicenter
b) Focus/Hypocenter
c) Vent
d) Seismograph

True or False: Earthquakes and Volcanoes most commonly occur at Plate Boundaries
a) True
b) False

Land formations found in New England: Kettle Holes, Erratic Boulders are evidence of
a) Past Ice Age Glacial Activity
b) Earthquakes
c) Volcanoes
d) Gravity

Which if the following is not a type of volcano?
a) Magma Chamber
b) Strato/Composite
c) Shield
d) Cinder Cone

On a topographical map, a contour line is equal to
a) elevation above sea level
b) Asteroid Impacts
c) a highway
d) number of trees

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