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The shaking and trembling that results from the sudden movement of part the Earth's crust
a) earthquake
b) volcano
c) faulting
d) earthquiver

A giant sea wave produced by an underwater earthquake
a) tsunami
b) earthquake
c) primary wave
d) secondary wave

The point beneath the Earth's surface where the rocks break and move
a) focus
b) epicenter
c) L wave
d) P wave

The point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus
a) epicenter
b) focus
c) L wave
d) S wave

An earthquake wave
a) seismic wave
b) seismologist
c) seismology
d) seismograph

Seismic waves that travel the fastest; travel through solids, liquids, and gases
a) P waves (primary waves)
b) S waves (secondary waves)
c) L waves (surface waves)
d) Q waves (quake waves)

Seismic waves that do not travel as fast a P waves; travel through solids, but NOT liquids and gases
a) S waves (secondary waves)
b) P waves (primary waves)
c) L waves (surface waves)
d) Q waves (quake waves)

Seismic waves that are the slowest of all waves; originate on the Earth's surface at the epicenter; cause the Earth's surface to move up and down; cause the most damage
a) L waves (surface waves)
b) P waves (primary waves)
c) S waves (secondary waves)
d) Q waves (quake waves)

An instrument that detects and measures seismic waves
a) Seismograph
b) Phonograph
c) Telegraph
d) Ecograph

A scale that is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake ranging from 1 (mild) to 10 (severe)
a) Richter scale
b) Quake scale
c) Tremble scale
d) Seismo scale

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