Story Problems---3 Digit Carrying Question Preview (ID: 318)

Solve These Story Problems As You Practice Carrying With Three Digit Numbers. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The chickens laid 166 eggs the first day and 149 eggs the second day. How many eggs in all?
a) 315
b) 325
c) 458
d) 98

The baker sold 287 cookies on Saturday and 149 cookies on Sunday. How many cookies did the baker sell in all?
a) 436
b) 634
c) 346
d) 463

Mom picked 245 apples. Dad picked 381 apples. How many apples in all?
a) 626
b) 662
c) 266
d) 326

The shoe salesman sold 118 pair of shoes before lunch and 119 pair of shoes after lunch. How many shoes did he sell in all?
a) 237
b) 372
c) 127
d) 137

The teacher graded 188 papers. Then she graded 169 more papers. How many papers did she grade in all?
a) 357
b) 367
c) 537
d) 267

We counted 142 geese flying over. Then we counted 238 more. How many geese in all?
a) 380
b) 379
c) 390
d) 308

The Eagles scored 252 all season long. The Tigers scored 239 points. How many points in all?
a) 491
b) 419
c) 541
d) 614

The DVD player costs $288 and the TV costs $344. How much for both?
a) $632
b) $6.32
c) $623
d) $6032

Sam had 156 shot gun shells and 139 rifle shells. How many shells in all?
a) 295
b) 259
c) 296
d) 395

Mom had a jar with 236 pennies in it. Dad gave her 148 more pennies. Now how many pennies are in the jar?
a) 384
b) 348
c) 284
d) 374

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