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Following the Holocaust, which country was created as a home for the Jewish people?
a) Iraq
b) Syria
c) Egypt
d) Israel

Which religion is most common in the Middle East?
a) Christianity
b) Judaism
c) Hinduism
d) Islam

Which of the following would be more likely to occur in a theocracy than a democracy?
a) Government documents are based on religious texts and beliefs
b) Citizens can vote on government leaders
c) Women would be granted equal rights
d) People can choose whether to attend a mosque, church, or synagogue

What is culture?
a) The transfer of goods, ideas, and services
b) A series of small parts coming together to make up a larger piece
c) A person's food, clothing, music, and religion
d) Examining both sides of a decision

What factor most contributes to high population density in the Middle East?
a) A theocratic government
b) Access to fresh water
c) Cultural diversity
d) Mineral deposits

Why was OPEC created?
a) Allow only the Middle East countries and their allies to have access to oil
b) Determine how oil is processed into gasoline
c) Stabilize the price of oil in international markets
d) Decide how much oil a country can buy in a year

Which of the following is NOT found on your credit card statement?
a) The due date
b) The amount you owe the credit card company
c) How much you would owe in interest if you took a loan from another credit card company
d) The minimum payment

A ____________ bill from a credit card company arrives detailing all of your purchases and how much you owe.
a) Daily
b) Yearly
c) Monthly
d) Bi-monthly (once every two months)

The money for a debit card is taken from your....
a) Retirement plan
b) Credit card account
c) Savings account
d) Bank account

Why does the United States depend on Middle Eastern countries?
a) To obtain resources we don't have much of
b) To improve a cultural relationship
c) Middle Eastern countries give the United States military support
d) To help reduce the national debt

What is genocide?
a) Allowing all people to have a fair and equal life
b) When citizens vote for their leaders
c) The mass killing of a group of people
d) Permitting citizens to choose how they make a living

A shortage of water can lead to all of the following EXCEPT
a) Poverty
b) More people voting in elections
c) Illness
d) Limited education

Which country is not part of the Middle East?
a) Norway
b) Iraq
c) Egypt
d) Saudi Arabia

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