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For equation B, if you make 10 moles of Na2O, how many GRAMS of oxygen gas did you use?
a) 5 grams
b) 160 grams
c) 80 grams
d) 6.4 grams

Which gas would effuse the SLOWEST?
a) C
b) N2
c) Mg
d) Al

For equation B, if you produce 16 moles of Na2O, how much sodium did you use?
a) 32 moles
b) 8 moles
c) 2 moles
d) 16 moles

For equation B, if you have 5 moles of oxygen gas, how many moles of Na2O will you make?
a) 5 moles
b) 2.5 moles
c) 10 moles
d) 0.4 moles

A sample of an ideal gas at 171°C and 4.0 atmospheres has a volume of 4.5 Liters, how many moles of the gas does the sample contain?
a) 2.025 moles
b) 0.494 moles
c) 36.4524 moles
d) 18 moles

A gas has a constant temperature. The starting pressure is 4 atm and takes up a volume of 15 L. If the new pressure is 6 atm, what is the new volume?
a) .0444 L
b) 1.6 L
c) 22.5 L
d) 10 L

Which of the following would effuse the FASTEST?
a) P
b) Br
c) Al
d) Mg

In this equation A what is the acid?
a) NH4OH
b) HCl
c) NH4Cl
d) H2O

For equation A, what is the salt created?
a) NH4OH
b) HCl
c) NH4Cl
d) H2O

For equation B, how many grams of sodium would react with 3 moles of oxygen gas?
a) 132 grams
b) 0.52 grams
c) 276 grams
d) 1.92 grams

For equation B, if you are given 44 grams of sodium, how many moles of product can you make?
a) 22 moles
b) 0.96 moles
c) 3.8 moles
d) 0.475 moles

If you have 4.5 moles of salt and dissolve it in 400 mL of water, what is the molarity?
a) 11.25 M
b) 0.01125 M
c) 0.089M
d) 89 M

I give you 1,000mL of a solution and you drop in 54 grams of aluminum, what is the molarity?
a) 54M
b) 0.054M
c) 2M
d) 0.002 M

When you double the temperature, what happens to the pressure?
a) cut in 1/2
b) doubles
c) nothing
d) cut by 1/4

Which of the following is not a unit for pressure?
a) atm
b) torr
c) mmHg
d) mL

If I keep the temperature constant and make my pressure go from 5atm to 15 atm, what happens to my volume?
a) triples
b) doubles
c) cut by 1/2
d) cut by 1/3

d. If I have an unknown quantity of gas at a pressure of 0.5 atm, a volume of 25 liters, and a temperature of 300 K, how many moles of gas do I have?
a) 0.508 moles
b) 2.05 moles
c) 20 moles
d) 34 moles

When you add an acid to a base which of the following DOES NOT HAPPEN?
a) make a salt
b) make a weaker acid
c) make water
d) a chemical reaction takes place

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