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What is the number and case of Fato?
a) Singular ablative femine
b) plural masculine ablative
c) singular neuter ablative
d) plural neuter dative

What is quem the direct object of?
a) aspectu
b) Gradum
c) extremum
d) Fugis

What is the number, form and voice of Adloquor?
a) 3rd plural pluperfect subjunctive passive
b) 3rd plural pluperfect subjunctive active
c) 2nd singular present imperative passive
d) 1st singular present indicative passive

What is the form and voice of Fugis
a) 3rd singular perfect indicative passive
b) 2nd singular present indicative active
c) 2nd singular perfect indicative passive
d) 3rd singular perfect indicative active

What case and number is Gradum?
a) Plural genative
b) Plural ablative
c) Singular accustaive
d) Singular Nominative

What form and Voice is Siste?
a) 2nd singular present imperative active
b) 3rd plural Perfect imperative active
c) 1st singular present passive imperative
d) 2nd singular present infinitive active

What is the case of teque
a) accusative
b) Ablative
c) nominative
d) genative

What is the case of aspectu?
a) Nominative
b) ablative
c) accusative
d) genitive

What is the case of Quod
a) dative
b) ablative
c) Accusative
d) vocative

What was this part of the book about?
a) Dido conveying her feelings for Aeneas
b) Aeneas talking to Dido
c) Dido Being angry with Aeneas
d) Don't know

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