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What is a person called who has knowledge about designing and building particular systems?
a) a builder
b) an emperor
c) a hypnotist
d) an engineer

In order for technological systems to benefit people, the systems must be:
a) inexpensive
b) computer operated
c) controlled
d) open-loop

Artificial joints and disease-resistant plants are future goals of __________ technology.
a) biological
b) physical
c) information
d) transportation

Choosing a problem solution that will give the most positive results and the fewest negative results is called:
a) optimization
b) modeling
c) simulation
d) prototyping

If one resource is more affordable than another is, it may make a problem solution:
a) look better
b) structurally stronger
c) more durable
d) cost effective

Modeling, testing, and experimentation in problem solving are used to:
a) define the problem
b) select the best solution
c) implement the solution
d) evaluate the results

The first step in technological problem solving is to:
a) make necessary changes
b) implement the solution
c) develop alternative solutions
d) define the problem

If a system operates properly, its output should be:
a) expected and desirable
b) unexpected and desirable
c) expected and undesirable
d) unexpected and undesirable

Air pollution from a gasoline fueled car is an example of an impact that is:
a) expected and desirable
b) expected and undesirable
c) unexpected and desirable
d) unexpected and undesirable

Every system begins with a desired result(command) called the:
a) output
b) input
c) feedback
d) control

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