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An artificial hip joint is an example of which kind of technology?
a) biological
b) communication
c) information
d) computer

Constructing buildings with wheelchair ramps and automatically opening doors in order to meet the needs of the handicapped is an example of:
a) hydroponics
b) ergonomics
c) aerodynamics
d) cybernetics

Machines that perform manufacturing and construction tasks previously performed by people are called industrial:
a) reactors
b) robots
c) conveyors
d) agents

Which of the following is a cause of air, water, or land pollution?
a) garbage
b) sulfur dioxide
c) toxic chemicals
d) all of the above

An example of a socio-technological problem is:
a) space flight
b) electric cars
c) hearing aids
d) overpopulation

The science of growing plants without soil is called:
a) hydroponics
b) desert farming
c) contour plowing
d) biomass

Designing or matching technology to the human user is called:
a) cybernetics
b) ergonomics
c) forecasting
d) modeling

A house that is off-the-grid:
a) cannot be found on a map
b) is crooked
c) is too expensive
d) is not connected to the main power lines

A material that is being pulled from opposite directions in a straight line is subject to
a) shear
b) tension
c) compression
d) torsion

The forward force that allows jet planes to fly is:
a) lift
b) friction
c) thrust
d) inertia

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