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To scatter or spread widely
a) Dissappear
b) Disseminate
c) Hide
d) Scatter

To have been or proven superior in strength
a) Carnivore
b) Distance
c) Vailed
d) Prevailed

A black person who eager to win approval of white people
a) Uncle Tom
b) Uncle Sam
c) Uncle Dowry
d) Uncle James

Shining or burning
a) Permit
b) Dissention
c) Flaring
d) Bonfire

To send to someone something ussually in an indirect or secret way
a) Permit
b) Funnel
c) Give
d) Flaring

An officail document that shows that a person is allowed to do something or have something
a) Permit
b) Prevailed
c) Dissention
d) Funnel

Made believe; pretended
a) Masses
b) Treading
c) Feigned
d) Gawked

Of vital or critical importance
a) Pivotal
b) Carpentry
c) Arrangments
d) Profound

Of deep meaning ;of great and broadly inclusive significances
a) Menail
b) Gawked
c) Profound
d) Treading

lowly and sometimes degrading
a) Flaring
b) Masses
c) Profound
d) Menail

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