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n Proclamation resulted in all of the following except:
a) blacks joined the Union army
b) blacks gained the right to vote
c) England and France pulled their aid to the South
d) the southern economy was crippled

The Battle of the Ironclads was between:
a) the Yankee Cheese Box and the Pig's Oar
b) the Merrimac and the Monitor
c) the CSS Virginia and the Commonwealth
d) the Blockade and the Stonewall

All of the following were terms of the surrender at Appomattox except:
a) Confederate soldiers had to apologize
b) CSA officers kept pistols and swords
c) soldiers kept mules and horses
d) Union troops were not allowed to celebrate

This is the bloodiest day of fighting in all of American history:
a) Fort Henry
b) Devil's Den
c) Fredericksburg
d) Antietam

During the Civil War, women did all of the following except:
a) work as a bee to create supplies for troops
b) work in factories and businesses
c) become head of household
d) become state politicians

The first state to secede from the Union was:
a) Maine
b) Delaware
c) South Carolina
d) Texas

The Union attempted to capture the capital (Richmond, VA) in all of the following battles, except:
a) 1st Manasses
b) Peninsular Campaign
c) Gettysburg
d) 2nd Bull Run

The South had all of the following advantages, except:
a) an industrial economy
b) great military leadership
c) fighting a defensive war
d) knew the land

The main reason the North entered the Civil War was to:
a) preserve the union
b) stop slavery
c) uphold states' rights
d) maintain a strong central government

The North chanted Fredericksburg as Lee lead an assault into Union lines at:
a) Devil's Den
b) Bloody Run
c) Slaughter Pen
d) Pickett's Charge

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