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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Tank. Tank who?
a) Tank Jackson
b) Tank Shaw
c) Your Sweater
d) Your welcome!

What combination of keys do you type together to paste a picture or text into on a Chromebook?
a) Ctrl + C
b) Ctrl + V
c) Shift + V
d) Shift + Space Bar

When typing a paper in Google Docs, your paper should have what margin set for line spacing?
a) Single
b) 1.5
c) 1.75
d) Double

When you want to make an online quiz or a survey for a group of people to take and you want immediate feedback you should use either surveymonkey.com or
a) Google Forms
b) Microsoft Word
c) Youtube
d) Google Sheets

In Ancient Mesopotamia during the time of Hammurabi's Code what machine/computer did they use to calculate numbers?
a) Computer
b) Typewriter
c) Pen
d) Abacus

When searching google for a paper what term would you add on the end of the search terms to help you retrieve only educational websites?
a) .com
b) .net
c) .gov
d) .edu

When you save a document or a picture to Google Drive what is another name for the place the file is stored in?
a) Sun
b) Cloud
c) Tree
d) Vault

What combination of keys do you type together to copy a picture or text that you highlighted on a Chromebook?
a) Shift + Space Bar
b) Shift + Alt
c) Ctrl + Tab
d) Ctrl + C

When typing, what are the leters in the home row that your fingers rest on?
a) asdf jkl;
b) qwer uiop
c) zxcv. ,mn
d) sdfg hjkl

Once you post information or pictures online...
a) you can just delete it and nobody will ever see it.
b) it is on the internet forever for everybody to see and share.
c) nobody cares because online is not real.
d) your parents can delete it.

When chatting to someone online who you have never met in person, should you tell them where you live?
a) Yes, what's the worse that could happen?
c) Maybe, depends if their made up picture that they just downloaded of some model is cute or not.
d) Yes, I will bring my phone with me, I'm sure I'll have time to text for help.

When typing a paper for school everybody knows you should use Times Roman or Courier New for the font. But, what size font is acceptable?
a) 22
b) 21
c) 7
d) 12

When coding (writing programs for computers) what is the name of the language and type of program you would use?
a) Coffeetyme
b) JavaScript
c) DOS
d) Internet Protocal

What is the name of the input device that allows you to enter information into the computer?
a) Monitor
b) Keyboard
c) Printer
d) Speakers

What work do humans rely on computers to do?
a) Wash the car
b) Calculate numbers fast
c) Type your papers for you
d) Make French Toast

In 1977 what was the name of the first personal home computer?
a) Tandy 1000
b) IBM
c) Microsoft
d) Apple I

Who is the richest man in the world that put his software program Windows on almost all personal computers.
a) Bill Gates
b) Steve Jobs
c) Frankenstein
d) Mark Zuckerberg

If you need to work on a Google Slides presentation with a fellow classmate, what button in Google Slides would you click so that both of you could work on it together?
a) Format
b) Save
c) Insert
d) Share

When you turn on your computer what is the name of the workspace that you see on the screen?
a) motherboard
b) flash drive
c) web cam
d) desktop

When working on a google doc, what google application would you go to to find the saved work?
a) Google Classroom
b) Hard Drive
c) Google Drive
d) The Dock

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