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Which of the following is not a result of gravity's impact on the water cycle?
a) Runoff traveling down a mountain stream
b) Precipitation falling back to the Earth's surface
c) Cooler ocean temperatures at the poles
d) Water erroding the wall of a canyon

The Coriolis Effect is _______________________.
a) A the force behind the global conveyor belt
b) what happens when water vapor condenses and give off heat.
c) the movement of ocean currents.
d) the impact of Earth's rotation on air currents.

Where would you expect to find more precipitation?
a) Equator
b) North Pole
c) Prime Meridian
d) South Pole

Where would you expect to find warmer temperatures?
a) Equator
b) North Pole
c) Prime Meridian
d) South Pole

The global conveyor belt is fueled by what two factors?
a) Gravity and the sun
b) Temperature and Salinity
c) Tides and the moon phase
d) Wind currents and time of day

Ocean currents are NOT usually influenced by
a) water temperatures
b) evaporation
c) landmasses
d) salinity

A gyre is...
a) the rise and fall of large bodies of water.
b) the name for Earth's interconnected ocean current.
c) a pattern of water circulation that is caused by differences in ocean temperatures, gravity, and Earth’s continents
d) the cold, dense water at the bottom of the ocean.

Which of the following statements regarding the force that powers the water cycle is accurate?
a) The transformation of water through the states of matter powers the water cycle.
b) The sun heats up water causing to it to evaporate and start the water cycle.
c) Wind currents are responsible for moving water around the Earth and powering the water cycle.
d) Gravity powers the water on earth and keeps the oceans and surface water in place.

The name for Earth’s entire interconnected ocean current is...
a) the Coriolis Effect.
b) the Global Conveyor Belt.
c) The Great Current.
d) Circulation.

Which of the following is true about the impact of temperature on ocean currents?
a) Warmer water near the equator moves towards the cooler poles.
b) Landmasses transfer heat to the ocean, thus the warmest temperatures are found near shorelines.
c) Shallower seas cause the ocean temperatures to rise.
d) Water near the poles is warmest and travels towards the equator where it releases its heat.

When ocean water reaches the poles, what happens?
a) It heats up and evaporates.
b) It cools down and sinks.
c) It is absorbed into the ocean floor.
d) The salt that is in the water evaporates.

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