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Which statement explains the Filter By Selection feature?
a) All records are made visible so the user can click and select desired records.
b) Records containing a match to the highlighted field are retrieved.
c) Records are retrieved in ascending order.
d) All records except those matching the highlighted field are retrieved.

Which database view is being used when data is entered onto a page that resembles a spreadsheet or table?
a) Datasheet
b) PivotTable
c) Form
d) Design

After planning a database, determine which of the following must be included to create a report.
a) Fields
b) Rows
c) Names
d) Files

What is the first step in designing a database?
a) Determine the field size
b) Plan and design the database
c) Determine the fields
d) Determine the field type

Classify the two types of database views.
a) Datasheet and form
b) Row and column
c) Query and report
d) Field and record

A student number can be used as the identifier for each record in a counselor\'s database, thus allowing the counselor to pull data from attendance and academic databases. The identifier is also known as the:
a) criteria
b) query
c) primary key
d) field type

Which data type is selected in design view to create a drop down box in a database?
a) Hyperlink
b) Text
c) OLE object
d) Look Up Wizard

If you want to add the e-mail address of each student in an existing database, you should:
a) add a new field.
b) match all records.
c) create a report.
d) add a new record.

Which of the following effects is produced when using the query feature?
a) Copies the data table to the clipboard
b) Selects records which meet prescribed conditions
c) Groups similar fields in the database
d) Deletes unwanted records and adds files

If Sue wanted to select all records in a database except someone with her first name, what operator would she key before her name on the query criteria line?
a) =
b) <>
c) <=
d) >=

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