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Missouri's application for statehood in 1819 raised the issue of whether slavery
a) should be allowed in the Louisiana Territory
b) was constitutional anywhere
c) could be abolished peacefully
d) should be in the nation's capital

The Missouri Compromise
a) upset the balance between slave and free states in the Senate
b) quieted the slavery debate for a while
c) was met by loud, violent protests
d) led the South to secede from the Union

How did the Second Great Awakening affect the slavery issue
a) it forced southerners to admit that owning slaves was a sin
b) it upset the balance between slave and free states in Congress
c) it inspired many Americans to dedicate their lives to ending slavery
d) It opened the question of whether slavery should be spread westward

What part of the compromise of 1850 created the most controversy during the 1850s
a) the admission of California as a free state
b) the organization of New Mexico and Utah as territories open to slavery
c) the ending of the slave trade in Washington DC
d) the passage of a strong fugitive slave law to return runaway slaves to their masters

The Kansas-Nebraska Act
a) led to bloodshed over slavery in Kansas
b) settled the slavery issue in Nebraska
c) banned slavery in Kansas and Nebraska
d) was a successful compromise on slavery

In its Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court ruled that slavery
a) was a blot on our national character
b) could not be kept out of its territories
c) violated the Fifth Amendment
d) should be ended by Congress as soon as possible

John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry
a) was widely approved across the south
b) triggered a widespread slave rebellion
c) made Brown a hero among abolitionists
d) was condemned by Abraham Lincoln

The election of 1860 showed how
a) popular Lincoln was in the north and the south
b) little support abolitionists had in the North
c) eager Americans were to end the debate over slavery
d) deeply divided the nation was over slavery

What event turned the secession crisis into the Civil War
a) South Carolinas’ shelling of Fort Sumter
b) the election of Lincoln as president
c) John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry
d) Preston Brook’s attack on Charles Sumner

Why could Dred Scott not sue for his freedom
a) he did sue and was released
b) he was not a citizen and could never become a citizen
c) his master wouldn’t allow him to sue
d) he couldn’t read or write and therefore couldn’t sue

What effects did “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” have on society’s feelings towards slavery?
a) the north started to believe slavery was okay
b) the south decided to end slavery
c) millions of people rallied against slavery
d) nothing changed in people's attitudes towards slavery

Why did Uncle Tom's Cabin change the way people felt about slavery?
a) they didn't change their views
b) northerners began to believe that slavery was okay
c) southerners decided that slavery gave the slaves a better life
d) they felt slavery was the cruelest thing in the world

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