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Which example best represents a primary source?
a) a 20th-century novel about events leading up to the French Revolution
b) film footage taken during the liberation of Nazi concentration camps
c) an interview with an expert on the fall of the Roman Empire
d) a lecture on the impact of the African slave trade on South America

Which form of government is associated with the reigns of Suleiman the Magnificent, Akbar the Great, and Peter the Great?
a) constitutional monarchy
b) direct democracy
c) theocracy
d) absolute monarchy

One way in which Miguel Hidalgo, Ho Chi Minh, and Jomo Kenyatta are similar is that they all were
a) leaders of independence movements
b) communist dictators
c) enlightened despots
d) advocates of liberation theology

The Columbian exchange is most closely associated with the beginnings of
a) mercantilism
b) humanism
c) mass production
d) scientific socialism

One way in which the Treaty of Nanking and the Treaty of Versailles are similar is that in both treaties the provisions called for
a) monarchs to be returned to their rightful places
b) existing borders to be maintained
c) peacekeeping organizations to be established
d) reparations to be paid by defeated countries

One way in which Hammurabi and Justinian are similar is that they successfully
a) established public education systems
b) codified the laws of their empire
c) instituted democratic governments
d) separated church and state

In which geographic region has Aung San Suu Kyi labored to bring about democratic reform?
a) Southeast Asia
b) Middle East
c) Central Asia
d) West Africa

The creation of the European Union (EU) and of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was intended to
a) benefit member nations through the reduction of tariffs
b) implement sustainable energy policies
c) institute a system of impartial courts
d) establish stronger regional military alliances

The belief that workers of the world would unite to overthrow their oppressors is central to
a) Social Darwinism
b) Marxism
c) conservatism
d) laissez-faire capitalism

Which development in the history of Cuba occurred first?
a) The United States imposed a naval quarantine against Cuba
b) The Soviet Union built missile sites in Cuba
c) Fidel Castro forcibly took power in Cuba
d) The communist government in Cuba seized foreign properties.

Which statement best describes an aspect of a command economy?
a) Profit motivates individuals to set up private businesses
b) Tradition, religion, and customs heavily influence economic decisions.
c) Government directs and controls the means of production
d) Supply and demand regulate the economy.

The Indus and Huang He (Yellow) rivers are both closely associated with
a) border disputes
b) sacred biblical sites
c) cradles of early civilization
d) oil discoveries

One similarity between the Gupta Empire and the Arab dynasties of the Islamic Golden Age is that they
a) made advances in mathematics and science and literature
b) gained wealth by obtaining gold from the Americas
c) stressed the importance of dharma and karma
d) controlled territories around the Mediterranean seacoast

Which individual’s work had the greatest impact on the spread of Martin Luther’s ideas?
a) Galileo Galilei
b) Niccolò Machiavelli
c) William Shakespeare
d) Johannes Gutenberg

Which statement about the Scientific Revolution in Europe is accurate?
a) The existence of natural laws was rejected
b) Scientists questioned traditional beliefs about the universe
c) New ideas supported the geocentric theory of Ptolemy
d) The Bible was used to justify new scientific findings.

One reason the Bolsheviks gained peasant support during the Russian Revolution was because the Bolsheviks promised to
a) redistribute land
b) abolish communes
c) bring modern technology to Russian farms
d) maintain an agricultural price-support program

Which event can be considered a conflict brought about in part by a religious reform movement?
a) World War I
b) World War II
c) Cuban Revolution
d) Iranian Revolution

Racial Segregation in South Africa after WWII by the white government is called
a) Jim Crow
b) Apartheid
c) perestroika
d) détente

Ho Chi Minh and Jomo Kenyatta were leaders of movements that were attempting to achieve
a) nuclear disarmament
b) pan-Africanism
c) collective security
d) self-determination

The movement to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine is best known as
a) Zionism
b) multi-culturalism
c) Marxism
d) militarism

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