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Art style that emphasizes line, shape, and color; often unrecognizable
a) abstract
b) surrealism
c) impressionism
d) cubism

Which artist is famous for his use of comics, ben-day dots?
a) Roy Lichtenstein
b) Rob Thomas
c) Bob Ross
d) none of the above

This shadow is cast by the object
a) cast shadow
b) crater
c) shadow figure
d) crevice

Dark values are made when the lines or dots are ____ together
a) matched
b) closer

This type of paint requires water
a) clay
b) oils
c) turpentine
d) watercolors

The brightest area on the object, when light shines on it
a) highlight
b) nightlight
c) twilight
d) dark light

An illumination is an _____ (which means additional decoration)
a) detail
b) form
c) shape
d) embellishment

What is a portrait created by one's self?
a) mug shot
b) class portrait
c) self portrait
d) class portrait

These letters were embellished with plants, animals, or mythlogical creatures
a) Illuminated Letters
b) Text writing
c) Large letters
d) Big letters

The shading technique that uses dots
a) hatching
b) stippling
c) cross hatching
d) dotted line

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