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Catal Huyuk, an ancient city in modern-day Turkey, had a large surplus of food, a specialized work force, a complex religious system, a structured education system, and a government. Which term best describes the community of Catal Huyuk?
a) civilization
b) glacier
c) emperor
d) expedition

Farmers in ancient civilizations used irrigation. One effect of irrigation was
a) a long period of no water
b) the raising of domestic animals to work on farms
c) the massive flooding of the Fertile Crescent
d) ancient farmers were able to bring water to help grow their crops

In United States, citizens elect their government leaders and have individual rights and freedoms. What type of government does the United States have?
a) monarchy
b) oligarchy
c) democracy
d) dictatorship

A religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ is called
a) Islam
b) Hinduism
c) Christianity
d) Buddhism

A(n) _____________________ is the way a country manages its resources to produce goods and services.
a) economy
b) epic
c) aqueduct
d) expedition

What religion does a Muslim practice?
a) polytheism
b) christianity
c) judaism
d) Islam

Muhammad was determined to persuade the people of Mecca to abandon their worship of many gods and goddesses. He set out to teach people in Mecca about Allah and to worship only one god. What is the belief in one god called?
a) monotheism
b) covenant
c) polytheism
d) torach

A destructive plague devastated nations an caused populations to vanish in the middle of the fourteenth century. This event is called
a) Inquisition
b) Reconquista
c) Crusades
d) Black Death

Most of Egypt is made up of
a) desert
b) rivers
c) forest
d) mountains

What body of water does the Nile River flow into?
a) Red Sea
b) Euphrates
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Tigris Sea

What is the name of the ruler of Ancient Egypt?
a) Prime Minister
b) Pharaoh
c) President
d) Dictator

Which of the following BEST describes Egypt's social class system?
a) Slaves had lots of power
b) Priests ruled Ancient Egypt
c) Farmers and unskilled workers made many technological advancements
d) Ancient Egypt had a well-defined social structure with many different social classes

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