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An example of a speed-scratch dish is:
a) A dessert recipe that uses a box cake mix
b) Canned peaches
c) Chicken salad sandwich from the deli
d) Frozen pizza

After planning the protein for the meal, what category of food should be planned?
a) Appetizer
b) Beverage
c) Bread
d) Vegetable

Jason is cooking spaghetti and sauce. What step should he do while he is cooking?
a) Clean
b) Consider the family's meal pattern preferences
c) Plan the rest of the meal
d) Review the dessert recipe

Chris is in her first apartment which has a small kitchen. If she volunteers to prepare her Thanksgiving dinner, which is the most important example of a meal planning principle Chris needs to use?
a) Age and health concerns
b) Budged amount for food
c) Equipment available
d) Time and energy available

Alice does not have enough leftover cooked chicken for another meal. What can Alice do next to minimize costs in her food spending plan?
a) Add up the cost of the meal
b) Eat all the leftover chicken then to avoid waste
c) Throw away the chicken
d) Use the chicken in a salad, casserole, or snack recipe

What is an example of information that can be found on a food label?
a) Barcode date
b) Date it was processed
c) Date it was sold
d) Expiration date

Hannah is planning a birthday party at the nursing home. Hannah has had very little cooking experience. To which meal planning factors should Hannah pay special attention?
a) Budgeted amount for food and food availability
b) Equipment, time, and energy available
c) Food preparation skills and age/health concerns
d) Number being served and food for leftovers

Meredith found chicken breasts on sale. During which step of meal planning should she consider this?
a) Completing pre-preparation tasks
b) Determining how many people she is serving
c) Determining what leftovers she will have
d) Planning the menu

A menu included grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, a corn muffin, iced tea or coffee, and vanilla ice cream for dessert. This meal lacks variety of:
a) Color
b) Shapes and sizes
c) Temperature
d) Texture

Thomas' meal included his Grandmother's famous original recipe for homemade chicken and dumplings. The meal preparation strategy is:
a) Scratch cooking
b) Semi-homemade/speec scratch cooking
c) Finished/convenience cooking
d) Ordering take out

To keep foods safe, store leftovers immediately after:
a) All foods are allowed to stand until they come to room temperature
b) All foods are left out for snacking
c) The dishes are washed and put away
d) The meal is eaten

Janis comes home from work after a late meeting. She needs to prepare a quick meal for her family because of company coming later in the evening. Which time-saving technique is BEST to use:
a) Cooking ahead and freezing a meal
b) Cooking a one dish meal
c) Using a microwave recipe
d) Using a slow cooker recipe

After work, Stacy stopped at the supermarket and purchased a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken and a bag of pre-cut lettuce and veggies for dinner. What most likely affected her food choices?
a) Family food preferences
b) Family income
c) Family values
d) Time available for preparing food

Developing a food spending plan involves using which strategy?
a) Determining cost per serving
b) Shopping every day
c) Shopping without a shopping list
d) Spending all flexible income on food

Mr. Summers chose to serve roast turkey as his protein source for dinner. Which menu category is this?
a) Appetizer
b) Beverage
c) Main course
d) Side dish

A person can make healthier food choices when shopping for packaged and canned foods by:
a) Buying more canned than packaged foods
b) Buying only organic food products
c) Purchasing larger sizes
d) Reading the nutrition labels

When on vacation, Nick's family makes a game out of preparing meals. Each family member gets to prepare the meal one night. Using this strategy will help them:
a) Anticipate what preparation method they will use to prepare food
b) Assure they get all of their nutrtional needs met
c) Save time in planning and shopping
d) Use creativity and variety in meal planning

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