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not friendly, cool and distant
a) aloof
b) amensalism
c) contrite
d) degrade

a relationship in which one is harmed and the other is not benefitted
a) apathy
b) commensalism
c) amensalism
d) mutualism

a severe mental or physical pain or suffering
a) aspirations
b) contrite
c) degrade
d) anguished

lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern
a) avarice
b) confound
c) contrived
d) apathy

the hope or ambition of achieving something
a) aspirations
b) welfare
c) supremacy
d) disposition

a) hostile and aggressive
b) treat someone with contempt or disrespect
c) a person's inherent qualities of mind and character
d) extreme greed for wealth or material gain

hostile and aggressive
a) solemn
b) supremacy
c) belligerent
d) welfare

to experience confusion and bewilderment
a) contrived
b) bemused
c) treat someone with contempt or disrespect
d) epiphany

not genuine or true
a) bogus
b) disposition
c) sultry
d) solemn

to give up power or territory
a) inevitable
b) martyr
c) misanthropic
d) cede

a relationship in which one is benefitted and the other is unaffected
a) mutualism
b) amensalism
c) commensalism
d) parasitism

to begin or start
a) commence
b) degrade
c) solemn
d) sultry

a) to cause surprise or confusion
b) serving to prove a case; decisive or convincing
c) arrogantly superior
d) a simple story used to illustrate a moral lesson

to cause surprise or confusion
a) martyr
b) confound
c) mutualism
d) misanthropic

to observe or study thoughtfully
a) avarice
b) contemplate
c) inevitable
d) haughty

feeling or expressing remorse; affected by guilt
a) gracious
b) supremacy
c) welfare
d) contrite

to bring about by deliberate use of skill or cunning
a) contrived
b) elaborate
c) faculties
d) sultry

treat someone with contempt or disrespect
a) epiphany
b) subjugation
c) supremacy
d) degrade

a person's inherent qualities of mind and character
a) disposition
b) elaborate
c) supremacy
d) sultry

to develop or present a theory in detail
a) practical
b) mutualism
c) oppression
d) elaborate

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