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How does the energy from the Sun reach the Earth?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) thermal convection

A 5 gram ice cube melted. How much water resulted?
a) 1 g
b) 3 g
c) 5 g
d) 7 g

Three mixtures are listed below. Which one could not be separated by evaporation?
a) salt and water
b) sawdust and water
c) iron fillings and water
d) sawdust and iron fillings

Francesca has five nickels (each 5 grams)and four dimes (each 2.25 grams)in her change purse. The purse itself has a mass of 150 grams. Francesca spends 45 cents on bubble gum. She uses all of her nickels. What is the mass of her change purse now?
a) 115 g
b) 150 g
c) 154.5 g
d) 156.75 g

What is the largest source of fresh water on Earth?
a) ocean
b) estuary
c) glacier
d) lake

Francesca has five nickels (each 5 grams) and four dimes (each 2.25 grams) in her change purse. The purse itself has a mass of 150 grams. What is the total mass of the change purse?
a) 115 g
b) 150 g
c) 175 g
d) 184 g

Fresh water has
a) a high salt content
b) a low salt content
c) a medium salt content
d) zero salt content

Which factor would decrease the evaporation rates?
a) increase in sunlight
b) decrease in wind
c) increase in wind
d) decrease in sunlight

If the amount of sunlight increased, how would precipitation rates change?
a) It would increase
b) it would decrease
c) it would remain the same
d) it would condense

The air we breathe is mostly
a) water
b) carbon dioxide
c) oxygen
d) nitrogen

What percentage of the Earth's surface is covered with oceans?
a) 3 %
b) 6 %
c) 51 %
d) 71%

The wind blows a piece of paper 5 meters in one second. By the next second, the paper has only traveled 2 meters. What best describes the motion of the paper?
a) It speeds up.
b) It slows down.
c) It stops completely.
d) It changes direction.

What does not affect the motion of an object?
a) direction of a force
b) mass of the object
c) color of the object
d) strength of the force

Which of the following will have the least effect on the motion of a ball?
a) the mass of the ball
b) the direction of the force
c) the strength of the force
d) the weather conditions

What best describes the direction of Earth's gravitational force?
a) It pulls objects closer together.
b) It keeps objects from getting too close.
c) It pulls objects closer to Earth.
d) It pulls objects away from the air.

A material that does not conduct thermal energy easily is a(n)
a) conductor
b) metal
c) radiator
d) insulator

Which situation best represents conduction?
a) the sun causing evaporation
b) a pot of rapidly boiling water
c) plastic melting on top of an oven
d) hot gases rising from a fire

Which of the following would most likely cause rising air?
a) warm air and low pressure
b) cold air and low pressure
c) warm air and high pressure
d) cold air and high pressure

Which of the following has the greatest effect on the formation of rain or snow?
a) cloud cover
b) humidity
c) air pressure
d) temperature

What happens when two air masses with large differences in pressure meet?
a) wind speed decreases
b) wind speed increases
c) wind speed is unpredictable
d) wind speed is not affected

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