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The simplest and smallest particle of matter that still has the chemical properties of its element is an
a) compound
b) atom
c) ion
d) molecule

A positively charged particle that makes up part of an atom's nucleus is a
a) electron
b) organelle
c) proton
d) photon torpedo

An uncharged particle in the nucleus of an atom is called a
a) electron
b) neutron
c) microscope
d) product

A negatively charged particle that 'buzzes' around the nucleus of an atom, like a bumblebee
a) ion
b) proton
c) chemical reaction
d) electron

The atomic number represents
a) the date the element was discovered
b) the number of protons in an atom
c) the phone number of the superhero known as The Atom
d) the number of ions in an atom

Atoms that have lost an electon are known as
a) protons
b) ions
c) compounds
d) molecules

A big chart that organizes the elements according to their characteristics is called:
a) The Covalent Bonds Chart
b) The Big Big Protonic Graph-o-Matic
c) The Periodic Table of the Elements
d) Hufflepuff

Any combination of two or more atoms is called a
a) electon
b) nucleus
c) molecule
d) product

Any combination of two or more elements is a:
a) compound
b) reactant
c) atomic number
d) good reason to buy purple cabbage instead of green

A process that breaks or forms the bonds between the atoms of molecules and compounds is called a
a) ion
b) proton
c) chemical reaction
d) Blue Moon ice cream

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