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DDT pollutant accumulates in top consumers as it passes from prey to predator in the food web. This is known as _______.
a) biological magnification
b) biodiversity
c) eutrophication
d) community

Organisms that are introduced into a habitat and multiply rapidly causing a disturbance are known as _______.
a) invasive species
b) keystone species
c) extinct species
d) aquatic species

Which of these is not a threat to biodiversity and ecosystems?
a) sunlight
b) demand for wildlife products
c) global climate change
d) acid rain

Which of these is not an example of a flowing water system?
a) lake
b) river
c) stream
d) creek

Salt or Fresh water that covers soil or presents at or near soils parts of the year are called _______.
a) wetlands
b) coral reefs
c) benthic zone
d) intertidal zone

Organisms exposed to regular extreme changes with strong currents and waves live in a(n) _______.
a) intertidal zone
b) coral reef
c) wetland
d) benthic zone

______ are among the most diverse and productive aquatic environments on Earth.
a) coral reefs
b) intertidal zones
c) benthic zones
d) wedlands

Organisms that live near the ocean floor that feed from detritus from above live in _______.
a) benthic zone
b) intertidal zone
c) wetlands
d) coral reef

Water circulates within to distribute heat, oxygen and nutrients in which aquatic ecosystem?
a) standing water freshwater system
b) flowing water freshwater system
c) river
d) streams

The variety of habitats communities and ecological processes in the living world is known as
a) ecosystem diversity
b) ecological succession
c) biological magnification
d) invasive habitat

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