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Which type of organism gets its energy directly from the sun?
a) producers
b) decomposers
c) herbivores
d) carnivores

What type or organisms eats other organisms because they cannot make their own food?
a) consumer
b) producer
c) prey
d) plans

What is a consumer that only eats plants?
a) herbivore
b) carnivore
c) omnivore
d) decomposer

What is a consumer that only eats other animals?
a) carnivore
b) herbivore
c) omnivore
d) decomposer

What is a consumer that eats both plants and animals?
a) omnivore
b) carnivore
c) herbivore
d) decomposer

What type of organism gets energy from breaking down dead organisms?
a) decomposers
b) producers
c) omnivores
d) herbivores

What is a more realistic and complicated way of looking how energy flows through the relationships of plants and animals?
a) food web
b) food chain
c) food graph
d) food pedigree

A hawk eats a snake that eats a mouse. The hawk is a ______ consumer?
a) tertiary
b) primary
c) secondary
d) quatiniary

A lion eats a gazelle. The gazelle is a ______.
a) prey
b) predator
c) tertiary consumer
d) secondary consumer

A food chain that is water related with sea plants and animals is a(n) _____ food chain.
a) aquatic
b) terrestrial
c) intergalactic
d) planetary

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