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What is the idea that the universe consists of nothing but matter and energy and has no spiritual or supernatural aspect?
a) materialism
b) naturalism
c) evolution
d) agnosticism

What is the idea that nature is all that exists?
a) naturalism
b) materialism
c) evolution
d) agnosticism

Charles Lyell developed a principle that states: “present is the only key to the past and all things continue by natural processes at the same rates as they always have.”
a) principle of uniformitarianism
b) principle of naturalism
c) principle of geospatialism
d) principle of dimensionalism

Charles Darwin wrote this book that made speculations on the origin and development of living things.
a) Origin of Species
b) Origin of Naturalism
c) Origin of Evolution
d) Origin of Saiyans

This is the idea that the fittest and strongest of each species are more likely to survive and reproduce.
a) natural selection
b) origination
c) selective reproduction
d) developmental fitness

This was an ethically questionable practice of selectively breeding humans to produce a “master race.”
a) eugenics
b) natural selection
c) fascism
d) regime

The study of fossils is known as ______.
a) paleontology
b) fossilogy
c) periodontology
d) biology

Which of the following is not an evidence against macroevolution?
a) dog breeds
b) lack of transitional fossils
c) depth of complete geologic column
d) complexity of cells

Genetics supports which of the following ideas?
a) organisms can change limited ways
b) fish can produce dogs
c) speciation is common
d) most mutations are beneficial

Creation from the Biblical account is written as taken place in _______.
a) 7 days
b) 7 weeks
c) 7 centuries
d) 7 years

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