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Scientists are not sure about what causes internal waves
a) true
b) false

waves break
a) when the H:L ratio exceeds 1:7
b) when they reach a depth of 1.3 times the wave height
c) in deep water in the right circumstances
d) all of these conditions cause waves to break

when a wind wave breaks on shore
a) the H:L ratio exceeds 1:7
b) the top of the wave is tyravelling faster than the bottom
c) contact with the bottom decreases wavelngth and increases height
d) all of these conditions cause waves to break on shore

wave _________ tends to bend waves parallel to shore or toward a protrusion.
a) diffraction
b) refraction
c) reflection

wave ____ causes wave energy to bounce back toward open water
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) diffraction

a standing wave is
a) a horizontal energy flow that knock down anything standing
b) a null wave (water that is still)
c) another name for tidal wave
d) a vertical waves that does not travel but has a trough and crest that alternate

storm surges are caused by
a) earthquakes
b) landslides
c) heavy winds
d) cyclonic storms

seiches are caused by
a) refraction and cyclonic storms
b) earth quakes and heavy winds
c) heavy winds and refraction
d) landslides and cyclonic storms

tsunamis are caused by
a) earth quakes and heavy winds
b) earth quakes and landslides
c) refraction and cyclonic storms
d) landslides and cyclonic storms

tsunamis are shallow water waves because
a) earthquakes only occur in shallow water
b) they cannot travel in deep water
c) their energy dissipates in deep water
d) they have such long wavelengths that the ocean is not deep enough for them to be deep water waves

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