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A disease caused by a pathogen is a ______ disease.
a) infectious
b) non-infectious
c) acute
d) chronic

What are the microscopic living organisms that cause disease?
a) microbes
b) probes
c) organelles
d) tomatoes

House has had leg pain for more than 10 years. How could you describe his pain?
a) chronic
b) acute
c) hereditary
d) sudden

What is a disease that occurs when tissue and organs gradually lose their ability to function, like Alzheimer's?
a) degenerative
b) immunological
c) hormonal
d) nutritional

What is a disease that is caused by the malfunction of the endocrine system?
a) hormonal
b) congenital
c) nutritional
d) degenerative

Birth defects are also what type of disease?
a) congenital
b) nutritional
c) cancer
d) hormonal

Which of the following is not a substance that can cause disease?
a) vaccines
b) smoking
c) drugs
d) asbestos

Allergies are which type of disease?
a) immunological
b) nutritional
c) hormonal
d) genetic

What disease is the result of the uncontrolled growth of cells?
a) cancer
b) immunological
c) congenital
d) degenerative

Deficiency disease are what type of disease?
a) nutritional
b) cancerous
c) degenerative
d) hormonal

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