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What is the name of the system that consists of a complex network of fluid-filled vessels and chambers helping to transport white blood cells?
a) lymphatic
b) marrow
c) thymal
d) endocrine

Which type of white blood cell engulf bacteria, viruses and other debris?
a) phagocytes
b) platelets
c) antibodies
d) lysosome

What are the Y shaped proteins molecules that act like homing missiles?
a) antibodies
b) lysosomes
c) platelets
d) phagocytes

The tissue fluid that enters the lymphatic system vessels are called ______.
a) lymph
b) blood
c) hormones
d) urine

What are the special enlargements of lymphatic tissue called?
a) lymph nodes
b) lymph fluid
c) nerve cells
d) organs

Which of the following is not an example of a lymph organ?
a) pancreas
b) tonsil
c) spleen
d) thymus

Which of the following is not 1 of the defenses that aid the immune system?
a) bladder
b) fever
c) bacteria
d) mucus

What type of immunity is developed as the body makes antibodies and helps fight pathogens in the future?
a) acquired
b) sequestered
c) acute
d) chronic

Which of the following exposes the body to a weakened form of bacteria or other organisms to build defense?
a) vaccine
b) antibiotic
c) penicillin
d) chemotherapy

Which of the following does not lead to immune deficiency?
a) insulin production
b) radiation
d) transplanting organs

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