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When the egg cell is mature and is released from the follicle, this process is called ______.
a) ovulation
b) menstruation
c) menopause
d) estrogination

What is the hollow, muscular organ that is primarily used to house the unborn child?
a) uterus
b) ovary
c) oviduct
d) testes

What is the structure that connects the ovaries to the uterus?
a) fallopian tubes
b) uterine tubes
c) endo tubes
d) estrogen tubes

What is the name given to a fertilized egg?
a) zygote
b) amniotic sac
c) ectoderm
d) gonad

In the unborn child, what is the name of the outer layer that develops into the nervous system, skin, sensory organs?
a) ectoderm
b) mesoderm
c) endoderm
d) hypoderm

In the unborn child, the mesoderm will not develop into which of the following organs?
a) stomach
b) bone
c) muscle
d) ovary or testes

In the unborn child, which of the following layers is the inner layer that develops into digestive organs, urinary bladder, urethra?
a) endoderm
b) hypoderm
c) ectoderm
d) mesoderm

After 2 weeks, the zygote has developed into a(n) ______.
a) embryo
b) zygote
c) fetus
d) mollusk

Towards the end of the 1st Trimester (after about 2 months), the unborn child is now a(n) ______.
a) fetus
b) embryo
c) zygote
d) naruto

At how many months does typical labor start?
a) 9
b) 8
c) 10
d) 19

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