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Which category of food is selected by color, smell, and touch?
a) Canned beans
b) Citrus and fresh vegetables
c) Frozen foods
d) Milk and cheese

Scratch, semi-homemade, convenience foods should be considered during what step of the meal preparation process?
a) When cleaning and storing leftovers
b) When considering foods that produce leftovers
c) When planning the menu
d) When reviewing recipes

What is an important cost-saving strategy to consider when shopping for foods?
a) Buy beauty products and cleaning products at the grocery store
b) Buy national brands only
c) Never shop when hungry
d) Use whole milk over other types of milk

Mrs. Flores bought a 40 ounce box of cereal, stored it in a 3 one gallon containers, and saved one dollar by purchasing this way. This type of store is most likely a:
a) Food cooperative
b) Online store
c) Supermarket
d) Warehouse store

Round steak is a less tender cut of beef, which time-saving technique should be used to cook this cut of beef?
a) Cooking a one-dish emal
b) Cooking instant rice to accompany the round steak
c) Using a microwave recipe
d) Using a slow cooker recipe

Marcus has hypertension. The doctor told him to check for which nutrient on the food label?
a) Carbohydrates
b) Fat
c) Protein
d) Sodium

The hostess chose the right menu for the party. Guest were pleased with the food and decorations. All food was prepared and served correctly. There were no leftovers and cleanup took no time. This reflects what step in the meal prep process?
a) Evaluate the meal
b) Plan future menus
c) Serve the meal
d) Set the table

In addition to food products, the Jolly Mart sells hair care products at a higher price. This type of store is MOST LIKELY a:
a) Convenience store
b) Farmer's market
c) Specialty store
d) Supermarket

Which food product is found in the bakery section of the supermarket?
a) Fresh sourdough bread
b) Frozen biscuits
c) Muffin mix
d) Seafood breader mix

Todd needs to eat lunch before he goes to work. A good example for a nutritious lunch would be:
a) A fast food hamburger, french fries, an orange, and a glass of milk
b) A handful of chips, salsa, cottage cheese, and a peach milkshake
c) Grilled chicken with salad greens, low fat cheese, tomato soup, a bran muffin, and water
d) Spinach salad, fried chicken, yogurt, chocolate cake, and water

Nutrition information included on a food label provides informatio about
a) Diseases the food might prevent
b) How good the food will taste
c) Nutrients and calories in the food
d) The color and shape of the food

The BEST reason for storing foods properly at home is:
a) Fewer calories in foods
b) Fewer servings per person
c) Less retention of nutrients
d) More cost-effective meals

What should Ginnie do right BEFORE she washes the final dishes?
a) Add up the cost of the meal
b) Evaluate the steps of the meal from menu planning to clean up
c) Plans meals for the next day
d) Store the leftovers

What is an important cost-saving strategy to consider when shopping for foods?
a) Buy by unit pricing and need
b) Buy foods only that you have coupons and discounts for
c) Buy only in bulk
d) Buy only store brands

During what step in meal preparation would herbs and spices be added to a food product?
a) Gather ingredients and equipment
b) Prepare/cook food
c) Serve
d) Store leftobers

Kayla lives by herself. She likes to cook but has trouble deciding what to prepare so she often just eats out. If Kayla would use weekly planning strategies, she could:
a) Eat at a friend's house each night
b) Lower the cost of her grocery/food bill
c) Prepare recipes that food a large amount and eat the same thing each night
d) Prepare smaller size recipes for one or two nights, then eat out the rest of the week

The best reason for storing foods properly at home guarantees
a) Freshness, nutrition, and value
b) Higher nutritional values after cooking
c) More leftovers
d) More servings per person

Joan has limited time to prepare dinner tonight after a busy day at work. A time-saving meal preparation strategy Joan should consider is:
a) Preparing a meal from scratch and freezing leftovers
b) Preparing from scratch a one dish meal
c) using a variety of preparation techniques
d) Using take out

At what step in the meal preparation process should convenience foods be considered?
a) Cleaning and storing leftovers
b) Cleaning the kitchen
c) Considering foods that produce leftovers
d) Planning the menu

Jenny is learning to prepare foods authentic to different cultures. Which meal preparation strategy does she most likely use?
a) Eating out
b) Finished/convenience cooking
c) Scratch cooking
d) Semi-homemade cooking

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