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A car engine is only 33% efficient, if the car requires 456 J of work to operate, what is the car’s work output?
a) 150 J
b) 456 j
c) 15048 j
d) 77600 j

Batteries are devices that change chemical energy to ______ energy
a) mechanical
b) electrical
c) radiant
d) nuclear

Carl eats a chocolate chip cookie and then climbs up a set of stairs. In doing so the cookie is transformed into ____________ energy.
a) potential
b) kinetic
c) both potential and kinetic
d) neither potential nor kinetic

The efficiency of most machines is less than 100%. Due to friction, energy seems to be lost. While the energy is not lost, it does work that is not useful or it is converted ___ energy.
a) potential
b) radient
c) nuclear
d) thermal

An iPod completes the following conversions:
a) sound to thermal
b) electric to thermal to sound
c) chemical to electrical to sound
d) thermal to sound

As you move up through the levels of the energy pyramid, the amount of usable energy:
a) increase
b) decrease
c) stays the same
d) can both increase and decrease

The organisms at the bottom of the food chain (food pyramid) are:
a) herbivores
b) producers
c) carnivores
d) decomposers

Where does the energy used to drive the water cycle comes from
a) the sun
b) geothermal heat
c) wind
d) air

When the total energy of a system remains the same over time, the system is in:
a) transistion
b) conversion
c) cycle
d) steady state

Calculate the overall efficiency of a device that uses two different processes with efficiencies of 80% and 15 %
a) 80%
b) 15%
c) 12%
d) 8%

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