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How does the north-south axis prevent the diffusion of crops?
a) because of the differance in the length of days
b) because of the differance in climate
c) because of the various diseases
d) all

Who is the author of the best book you read in Pre-AP world geo
a) James Diamond
b) Thomas Friedman
c) Jared Diamond
d) Christopher Salber

How many large mammals in Africa were suited to domestication?
a) 0
b) 2
c) 5
d) 10

Which of the following is not one of the fourteen large mammals that have been used in agriculture or war?
a) Cow
b) Reindeer
c) Dog
d) Horse

Where did technology grow the fastest according to Diamond?
a) In large productive regions with large human populations
b) In isolated areas with small populations
c) In areas where food production was just beginning
d) In nomadic socieities

In GGS no one civilization has a monopoly on
a) wealth
b) strength
c) intelligence
d) religion

Crops diffuse east to west in Eurasia ________ they did from north to south in Africa.
a) less easily than
b) more easily than
c) nearly as fast as
d) at the same speed as

What is Yali's Question
a) Why you white man have so much cargo and us New Guineans so little?
b) Got Milk?
c) Why you white man have so much food?
d) Who are you people? Can you write me a book?

Which is not a proximate factor
a) East-West Axis
b) guns/swords
c) ships
d) writing

The ______ was the only domesticated animal in the new world before the Europeans came
a) Llama
b) Sheep
c) Horse
d) pig

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