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What does Wal-mart focus on?
a) Cutting costs
b) Making money
c) More knowledge
d) money for employees

What might companies begin to lose with an increse of offshoring and outsourcing
a) money
b) national identity
c) honor
d) followers on Instagram

Who and what is Friedman compared to?
a) Hitler's Mein Kampf
b) Marx Communist Manifesto
c) Tzu's Art of War
d) Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel

What is a catalyst to a flat world?
a) Capitalism
b) Communism
c) Oligarchy
d) Monarchy

What service does growing stars offer
a) e-tutoring
b) breakfast bars
c) academic software
d) maid service

Which American company has hundreds of reservation agents working from home?
a) Jet Blue
b) US Air
c) Microsoft
d) Nike

Brickwok, a division of B2K offers busy global executives their own____
a) Personal Assistant
b) Stock
c) Home
d) Car

Although the majority of calls that come into the 24/7 customer call center in India are dull and routine, compition for the work is fierce
a) True
b) False

What does it mean to have do hearing
a) the overuse of technology has caused people to lose their hearing
b) people should be more social like dogs
c) people need to improve their listening skills
d) every piece of information, no mater how small, is heard

We have gone from the Iron Age to the Industrial Age to the information Age to the Age of ____
a) Understanding
b) Interruption
c) Disruption
d) Destruction

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