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There are two kinds of insects. Those that have a complete metamorphois and those with incomplete metapmorphosis. The grass hopper is one of these insects. Which is true of the grasshopper?
a) The grasshopper does not reproduce sexually.
b) The grasshopper can fly shortly after it hatches from an egg.
c) The grasshopper goes through complete metamorphosis.
d) The grasshopper goes through incomplete metamorphosis.

Rocks can change. After doing an experiment to represent the break down of rocks through shaking them and comparing them to their original size and shape, what process would this represent?
a) deposition
b) erosion
c) sedimentation
d) weathering

Scientists have created powerful microscopes to aid them. What is an example of why Earth Scientists might use a powerful microscope?
a) to study rings of planets
b) to study the craters on the moon
c) to observe the parts of an animal or plant cell
d) To examine chemical structures of minerals found in the earth

Some animals migrate during the winter months to warmer water. One example is the manatees we find in the springs where the water is warmer. What behavior is an example of this seasonal change?
a) squealing when danger is near
b) spending the winter near energy stations
c) feeding and resting often during the day
d) being sensitive to temperature changes

Lights require energy to operate. When a lamp is turned on, it changes electrical energy into light energy. What other form is involved when the light is on?
a) solar energy
b) sound energy
c) wind energy
d) heat energy

What type of rock does magma form as it cools?
a) metamorphic
b) sedimenatary
c) igneous
d) fossil

When invasive plants invade Florida, they can become a threat to the environment. Why is this true?
a) It grows quickly in poor soil.
b) It grows too quickly.
c) It tolerates air pollution.
d) It is very attractive to butterflies and birds.

Scientists build models to help them to understand what they cannot observe in person. If a scientist builds a model of a a volcano, this is known as what?
a) a three-dimensional model
b) a two-dimensional model
c) a mental picture
d) a photo

We can cook outdoors when we go camping. When we have a pot over a campfire, what is one way heat flows?
a) from the person's hand to the pot
b) from the person's hand to the fire
c) from the fire to the pot
d) from the contents of the pot to the fire

When an object is broken up, it still has the same total mass as the original substance. Which of the statements would be true?
a) Object one when broken up has 2 parts. Part one is 93g and Part 2 is 8 g.
b) Object two, when broken up has 2 parts. Part one is 85g and Part 2 is 15g.
c) Object three, when broken up has 2 parts. Part one is 50g and Part 2 is 45g.
d) Object four, when broken up has 2 parts. Part one is 75g and Part 2 is 6g.

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