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Which general of Alexander first controlled Israel (Palestine)?
a) Ptolemy
b) Herod
c) Seleucus
d) Judas Maccabee

Where was the Old Testament first translated into Greek?
a) Jerusalem
b) Alexandria
c) Rome
d) Greece

Who commissioned the Greek translation of the Old Testament ?
a) Ptolemy
b) Alexander the Great
c) Seleucus
d) Antiochus

Name for the Greek version of the Old Testament
a) Torah
b) Bible
c) Pentateuch
d) Septuagint

Which empire was in control of Jerusalem at the start of the Silent Period?
a) Romans
b) Greeks
c) Persians
d) Babylonians

Last book in the Old Testament
a) Revelations
b) Malachi
c) Maccabees
d) Isaiah

Which is NOT a source of information for the Silent Years?
a) Bible
b) Josephus
c) Apocrypha
d) Dead Sea Scroll

How many years form the Silent Years?
a) 100
b) 70
c) 400
d) 500

What is the period after Alexander's death called?
a) Hasmonean
b) Silent Period
c) Neutral
d) Hellenic

Which period followed the Maccabean revolt in Jerusalem?
a) Maccabean
b) Hellenic
c) Hasmonean
d) Roman

The additional set of books which are part of the Roman Catholic Bible, but not the Protestant Bible.
a) Apocryphal
b) Hasmonean
c) Torah
d) prophets

Why is the 400 years before Jesus' birth called the Silent Years?
a) Jesus did not talk during this time.
b) The Maccabees fought a quiet war.
c) Antiochus did not allow Jews to talk.
d) Nothing written about those years in the Bible.

What does LXX stand for in regards to the Bible?
a) 70
b) seventy two elders
c) The Septuagint (Greek version of the Old Testament)
d) Alexandria

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