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You find a rock near a volcano, that has fine grains and a lot of holes. This rock is classified as...
a) Extrusive Igneous
b) Foliated Metamorphic
c) Intrusive Igneous
d) Clastic Sedimentary

You have an unknown mineral, which test would not be helpful in identifying the mineral?
a) Luster
b) Mass
c) Streak
d) Appearance

Which of the following types of rocks could possibly preserve fossils?
a) Intrusive Igneous
b) foliated metamorphic
c) Clastic sedimentary
d) Extusive Igneous

Which type of rocks are formed by weathering, erosion, deposition, and cementation?
a) Nonfoliated Metamorphic
b) Intrusive Igneous
c) Foliated Metamorphic
d) Clastic Sedimentary

Which of the following mineral resources would be found in the Appalachian Plateau of Virginia?
a) Sand and Gravel
b) Limestone
c) Coal
d) Slate

Which green house gas is produced by burning fossils fuels?
a) Nitrogen
b) Methane
c) Water Vapor
d) Carbon Dioxide

A mineral that breaks along smooth flat surfaces is said to have...
a) Cleavage
b) Fracture
c) Luster
d) Steak

Which type of rock was formed during the creation of Blue Ridge Mountains?
a) Organic Sedimentary
b) Clastic Sedimentary
c) Foliated Metamorphic
d) Extrusive Igneous

Which type of sedimentary rock would form in the deep ocean?
a) Conglomerate
b) Limestone
c) Shale
d) Sandstone

Which of the following minerals is commonly called Table Salt?
a) Sulfur
b) Quartz
c) Halite
d) Gypson

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