Review For EOC Science Test Question Preview (ID: 31696)

This Is A Review Of The Fourth Grade Science Fusion Text Book.[print questions]

What is any object in contant motion always changing?
a) It is always changing direction.
b) It is always moving at a constant speed.
c) It is always moving forward.
d) It is always changing postion.

What does every machine require to stay in motion?
a) electricity
b) heat
c) energy
d) mass

What makes the sun, stars, and moon appear to move across the sky?
a) the Sun's rotation
b) the Earth's revolution
c) the moon's rotation
d) the Earth's rotation

Constellations can be seen in the sky. What statement is true about the constellations?
a) Constellations form the same pattern of stars in the sky.
b) Constellations appear depending on the season of the year.
c) The constellations appear depending on the time of night.
d) Some constellations only appear in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres.

Which of the following statesments is true?
a) Heredity determines all of ones characteristics.
b) The environment determines all of ones characteristics.
c) Both heredity and the environment determines ones characteristics.
d) Neither heredity or the environment determines ones characteristics.

What natural resource do we use in Florida to sometimes heat our homes?
a) oil
b) limestone
c) sunlight
d) phosphate

The change of the moon's surface as seen from the earth is caused by
a) the moon's revolution
b) the moon's size
c) the moon's distance from the Earth
d) the moon's shape

When a substance undergoes a chemical change it produces a new substance. Which is an example of a chemical change?
a) cookies being made
b) making a salad
c) ice cream melting
d) tearing a piece of paper

Plants get energy from the sun. Animals get their energy from the plants they eat. What is this called?
a) flow of nutrients
b) flow of waste
c) flow of energy
d) flow of oxygen

How long does it take for the Earth to reolve around the sun half way?
a) one week
b) one month
c) six months
d) twelve months

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