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Joseph drank liquids while playing football, but he is going to need another mineral in his body so that his muscles will not cramp. What mineral is this?
a) Calcium
b) Iodine
c) Iron
d) Potassium

What is the difference between fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins?
a) Fat soluble vitamins are easier to dissolve than water soluble vitamins
b) Fat soluble vitamins are stored in the liver and water soluble pass through the urine
c) Fat soluble vitamins pass through the urine, and water soluble are stored in the liver
d) There is no difference in the two types of vitamins

What food source is high in antioxidants?
a) Cabbage
b) Cantaloupe
c) Crisco oil
d) Sardines

What food source is high in antioxidants?
a) Blueberries
b) Cabbage
c) Crisco oil
d) Sardines

What is a good source of Vitamin D?
a) Being out in the sunshine
b) Drinking juice
c) Eating apples
d) Eating chicken livers

Andrew consumed excessive amounts of fat-soluble vitamins. What impact might this have on the body?
a) Brittle bones
b) Diarrhea
c) Kidney failure
d) Heart disease

What is an example of incomplete protein?
a) Apples and bananas
b) Beef and chicken
c) Dried beans and rice
d) Trail mix

Which type of fat lowers blood cholesterol levels?
a) Hydrogenated fat
b) Polyunsaturated fat
c) Trans fat
d) Vegetable fat

How does eating excessive amounts of fats impact the body?
a) Anemia
b) Nausea
c) Obesity
d) Osteoporosis

Jason consumed excessive amounts of protein. How is this likely to impact the body?
a) Converts the extra protein back to amino acids
b) Converts the extra protein to fat and stores it in the fat tissues
c) Stores extra protein in the blood
d) Stores extra protein in the muscles

Which fat product is hydrogenated?
a) Butter
b) Crisco oil
c) Margarine
d) Olive oil

If a person is on a diet to lose weight a cut back on saturated fatty acids, he/she should eat:
a) fewer dressings with olive oil and canola oil
b) fewer fruits and vegetables
c) less candy and cake with coconut and palm oil
d) less drinking water

Collards, spinach, turnips, and fortified cereals are all good sources of which nutrient?
a) B complex
b) Iron
c) Magnesium
d) Sodium

Where are excessive amounts of calcium stored in the body?
a) Blood
b) Bones
c) Liver
d) Muscles

How does excessive consumption of iron impact the body?
a) it is expelled through the urine
b) It remains in the bones
c) It is stored in the liver blood
d) It is stored in the liver

Ryan is feeling weak and dizzy. He has a choice of spinach salad or tomato soup. What nutrient should he choose to make an impact on his body?
a) Carbohydrates
b) Iron
c) Vitamins
d) Water

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