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The main crops of the Middle Colonies were ___.
a) pumpkins, corn, and beans
b) wheat, corn, and rye
c) manufactured goods
d) pickles, ketchup, and mustard

Many farmers were attracted to the Middle Colonies because of its ___.
a) location
b) bread
c) fertile soil
d) manufactured goods

What river was the second busiest port connected to?
a) Hackensack River
b) Delaware River
c) Mississippi River
d) Hudson River

Most exports from the Middle colonies went where?
a) to Africa
b) to the West Indies
c) Philadelphia
d) England

Which city was situated along the Delaware River and was considered THE busiest port in the Middle Colonies?
a) New York City
b) Philadelphia
c) Hudson City
d) Boston

A cooper was a person who made ___.
a) barrels
b) wigs
c) chicken coops
d) baskets

People who lived with an artisan to learn a trade or skill from them, you were called ___.
a) slaves
b) colonists
c) apprentices
d) craftworkers

A person who turned animal skins into leather was a ___.
a) farmer
b) tailor
c) cooper
d) tanner

Those who were craftworkers were called ____.
a) immigrants
b) apprentices
c) artisans
d) women

Which job title belongs to someone who worked with cloth and made clothes?
a) tanner
b) tailor
c) weaver
d) threader

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