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An important function of water in the body is to:
a) Add calories to the diet
b) Help with food digestion
c) Protect internal organs
d) Supply all energy

Which foods should be avoided for toddlers and infants?
a) Cereal for infants 12-18 months of age
b) Cow's milk for infants 0-6 months of age
c) Juice for infants 6-12 months of age
d) Solid foods for toddlers 2 years of age

A person on a low calorie diet should select
a) Canned peaches in heavy syrup
b) Coffee with sugar substitute
c) Low-fiber cereal
d) Small size of milkshake

A cause of obesity may be:
a) Drinking diet sodas while continuing to eat high-calorie foods
b) Exercising without getting adequate rest
c) Having growth spurts
d) Teaching certain ages and stages of development

A primary concern and health risk related to Caribbean eating plans is insufficient:
a) Fat
b) Protein
c) Starch
d) Vitamins

A major factor contributing to obesity among teenagers is that teens:
a) Are at a stage of life when it is normal to gain weight
b) Are experiencing growth spurts
c) Ar more active than adults and children, therefore, more likely to gain weight
d) Tend to choose many foods that are high in sugars, starches, and fats

An example of a healthy food choice for an adult is:
a) Eating dinner after 9 pm
b) Picking up fast food on the way home from work
c) Serving baked potato chips with sour cream dip
d) Snacking on multi-grain crackers, fresh carrots, and celery

To cut calories, a person should select for dessert:
a) Apple pie and ice cream
b) Chocolate pudding
c) Fresh fruit cup
d) Oatmeal raisin cookies

An example of a healthy food choice for a teenager is:
a) Eating fresh fruits and veggies regularly
b) Eating snack foods with natural sweeteners
c) Reducing consumption of water and substituting soft drinks
d) Skipping breakfast to avoid extra calories

Excessive sweating, dryness of the mouth, weakness, and an increased pulse rate are results of not consuming enough:
a) Water
b) Carbohydrates
c) Protein
d) Vitamins

Aaron plays sports. What is the best meal for him to eat for high performance during the game?
a) Complex carbohydrates six hours before competition
b) Complex carbohydrates three hours before competition
c) Simple carbohydrates one hour before competition
d) Simple carbohydrates right before competition

Cheese, dressings, and salads oils are primary sources of which nutrient?
a) Carbohyrate
b) Fats
c) Protein
d) Vitamins

Red velvet cake, pecan pie, cheesecake, lollipops, Karo corn syrup, and jellies are classified as:
a) Complex carbohdrates
b) Fiber
c) Simple carbohydrates
d) Vitamins

Whole wheat flour is classified as a:
a) Complex carbohydrate
b) Fat
c) Fiber
d) Simple carbohydrate

Why should a person not eat or drink foods high in sugar content before bedtime?
a) Acid may erode the teeth and cause tooth decay
b) It could cause a person not to sleep
c) It could stimulate hunger
d) It may cause a person to have bad dreams

What nutrient provides energy and assists the blood with distributing vitamins to the body?
a) Carbohydrates
b) Fats (lipids)
c) Protein
d) Vitamins

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