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To simplistic; easy
a) Remiss
b) Proficient
c) Resolute
d) Facile

Lacking moderation; severe or extreme
a) Gratuitous
b) Indoctrinate
c) Docile
d) Intemperate

Something that has a positive mental effect but no physical effect
a) Tome
b) Introspective
c) Placebo
d) Adherent

Calm, undisturbed
a) Complacent
b) Stature
c) Placid
d) Dissolute

Satisfied with a situation that should be changed
a) Intemperate
b) Expound
c) Complacent
d) Gratuitious

Easily taught; submissive to instruction
a) Doctrine
b) Recollect
c) Perspicacious
d) Docile

That which is taught
a) Docile
b) Destitute
c) Emissary
d) Doctrine

Payment for an injury; compensation
a) Stature
b) Restitution
c) Ingratiate
d) Temper

To decrease the strength of
a) Temper
b) Expel
c) Sycophant
d) Infer

One who is not properly thankful
a) Emissary
b) Ingrate
c) Docile
d) Dejected

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