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An MD has a doctorate in:
a) money
b) medicine
c) mindset
d) none of the above

Emergency medical services
a) Provide emergency and pre-hospital care to victims of accidents, injuries, or sudden illness
b) Training is offered by fire, police, health departments, and vocational schools
c) Serve as volunteers
d) All of the above

Health Information workers include all of the following except?
a) Medical Records Adminstrators
b) Medical Transcriptionists (Scribes)
c) Medical Illustrators, Medical Librarians
d) Medical service managers

A Radiologic Technologists (RT), use X-RAY, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance to treat and diagnose diseases , some job titles are:
a) All below
b) Radiation Therapists
c) Computer Tomography Techmologists (CT/CAT)

An Epidemiologists :
a) Treats disease
b) Identifies and tracks diseases as they occur in a group of people
c) both a and b
d) none of the above

Medical Assistants:
a) Work under the supervision of physicains
b) Prepares patients for examinations
c) Assist with procedures and treatments
d) All of the above

Workers in diagnostic services:
a) Perform tests that aid to diagnose and treat diseases , injuries,or other physical conditions
b) Only treat diseases
c) all of the above
d) none of the above

An Electrocardiograph Technician (ECG):
a) Performs tests to determine the condition of the head
b) Performs tests to determine the condition of the hand
c) Performs tests that determine the condition of the hyoid
d) none of the above

A dental hygienists is
a) under the supervision of a dentist
b) primarily examines teeth and the mouth
c) a only
d) a and b

DDS AND DMD respectfully mean
a) Doctor of Divine Services and Doctor of Medical Division
b) Doctor of Dental Surgery and Doctor of Dental Medicine
c) none of the above
d) A and B

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