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1. ____ Liesel’s reputation as “the book thief” is best described by Death as _______________.
a) Futile
b) Vehemnt
c) Diminutive
d) Illustrious

Liesel found Rudy to be especially _______________ when he was covered in fertilizer.
a) Repugnant
b) Cynical
c) Audacious
d) Amiable

Which of the following characters was especially partial to berating others?
a) Viktor Chemmel
b) Rudy
c) Rosa
d) Hans

In the novel, which of the following groups did not fall victim to persecution?
a) The Jews
b) The Hitler Youth
c) Communists
d) Gypsies

Which word best describes Rudy and Liesel’s feelings about stealing food from Otto Sturm a second time?
a) unconscionable
b) trepidation
c) luminous
d) malignant

Death approaches most of humanity with
a) Cynicism
b) Agitation
c) Audacity
d) Vehemence

Max’s primary goal is to remain
a) ostracisized
b) inconspicious
c) desecrated
d) auspicious

3. The ____________________ of spending the laundry money on candy was a watschen, but for Liesel and Rudy, it was worth it.
a) repercussion
b) inevitable
c) gratuity
d) vigilance

10. When he finally got his “win,” Rudy ____________________ in it. He rescued “The Whistler” from the Amper River!
a) ostracized
b) reveled
c) predominated
d) all of the above

9. ____ Nice : Friendly :: Disrespectful: ________________
a) Revel
b) Succumb
c) Microcosm
d) Flippant

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