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A registration credential is
a) A guest list at a hotel
b) A government agency that authorizes individuals to work in their given occupation
c) Granted by a regulatory body ,administers exams (state board), and maintains a current lists of professionals
d) all of the above

Post-Secondary refers to
a) After high school
b) After middle school
c) After grade school
d) After the first 4 years of college

A Master's Degree is awarded
a) Just after high school
b) By a college or university after 1 or more years of work after a bachelor's degree
c) After receiving a doctorate
d) None of the above

A Registered Nurse who has studied for two years at either Technical School or Community College has earned a/an
a) Bachelor's degree
b) A Master's degree
c) A PHD
d) An Associate's degree

An individual who has completed their secondary education :
a) has completed elementary school
b) their first year of college
c) graduated from high school
d) none of the above

a) Assures that a program of study meets established standards
b) Does not Allows individuals to practice their skills
c) Prepares students for employment
d) A and C

The 4 levels of Education and Training are:
a) Professional, Technologist/Therapists,Technician, Aide/ Assistant
b) Professional, Personal, Therapist, Technologist
c) Technician, Private, Personal, Professional
d) None of the Above

This individual has completed 4 or more years of college with bachelor's , master's or doctoral degree
a) Technologist/Therapist
b) Technician
c) Aide
d) Professional

This individual has completed a specific number of hours of specialized education
a) Technician
b) Aide/Assistant
c) Professional
d) Therapist

this individual has completed at least 4 years of college and has work experience
a) Aide/Assistant
b) Personal
c) Professional
d) Technologist/Therapist

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