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While riding the bus I am able to use what level of voice?
a) 0-0
b) 0-1
c) 0-2
d) 0-3

One way to stay Safe on the bus is to...
a) Ignore the bus driver's instructions.
b) Keep the walkways in the aisle clear.
c) Use appropriate language.
d) Use a level 0-2 voice to people close to me.

When the bus leaves the school the rules of the school do not apply anymore.
a) True
b) False

For your safety, it is important to find a seat and stay there.
a) True
b) False

When I am riding the bus on the way home I should.....
a) Stick my head out of the window for some fresh air.
b) Jump around and play tag.
c) Yell at someone to get their attention.
d) Keep my hands and feet inside the bus and to myself.

A voice level of 0-2 means.
a) No talking
b) Whispering/Library Voice
c) Group Work/Lecture Voice
d) Outside Voice

When waiting for the bus at the bus stop, I .....
a) Wait calmly for the bus to arrive.
b) School rules do not apply at the bus stop. Anything goes.
c) Run around and burn off energy before school starts.
d) Walk around and try to find something to do.

Listening to the bus driver is optional.
a) True
b) False

When I wave my hand out of the window I violate which PBIS expectation in which section?
a) Keep your hands and feet inside and to yourself; Safe
b) Keep your hands and feet inside and to yourself; Respectful
c) Ride the assigned bus; Safe
d) Wait calmly at the bus stop; Responsible

Keeping the walkways in the aisle clear is important because...
a) It allows students to enter and exit safely.
b) It helps students practice hop scotch when riding the bus.
c) It is not that important, I put my things in the aisle alot.
d) That is not a expectation when riding the bus.

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