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David is having dinner with his elderly Grandfather. Which guideline for table manners should David use?
a) Pull out the chair and help his Grandfather be seated
b) Seat himself and wait for his Grandfather to find his chair and be seated
c) Serve as the host for the table and keep the table conversation moving
d) Serve himself first , then pass dishes to his Grandfather

Aaron is visiting another country on vacation and eating in a restaurant. He notices that many around him are using eating utensils differently than he is accustomed to back home. What should he do?
a) Ask the waitress what to do
b) Decline to eat anything that doesn't look familiar
c) Eat the way he is accustomed
d) Watch others in the in the restaurant and eat as they do

Jason is hungry but only takes one serving of meat, leaving seven pieces for the other seven guests at the table. Which example of good manners is Jason following?
a) Coming to the table neat and clean
b) Honoring the elders
c) Taking no more than one's share
d) Working from the outside in

The reason Janet passes the serving dishes first to the guests at the table is to ensure that all guests:
a) Feel respected
b) Get fed
c) Know the correct seating arrangement
d) Know what food is being served

Compared to family service, continental or Russian service is:
a) Less formal
b) More formal
c) Passed from person to person
d) Used only in restaurants

Goblets, tumblers, and glasses are considered what classification of tableware?
a) Beverageware
b) Dinnereware
c) Flatware
d) Holloware

Forks, spoons, and knives are all considered what kind of tableware?
a) Beverageware
b) Dinnerware
c) Flatware
d) Holloware

When a bread and butter plate will be used in the table setting, along with a salad plate, where should it be placed?
a) Above the forks to the upper left
b) Above the knife to the upper left
c) Lower left beside the forks
d) Toward the center above the dinner plate

Napkins are included in the table setting for a formal meal. Where should the napkin be placed?
a) At the end of the table after the serving dishes
b) At the front of the table before the serving dishes
c) At the place setting on the left of the dinner plate
d) At the place setting on the right of the dinner plate

When large groups of people need to be served, which classification of service is often used?
a) Buffet service
b) Continental/Russian service
c) Family service
d) Plate service

While eating fish, Sarah felt a bone in her mouth. Which guideline for good table manners should Sarah use?
a) Call 911 emergency help
b) Rush to the restroom to remove the bone in private
c) Swallow the bone to avoid making an unpleasant scene
d) Use a napkin to remove the bone as discretely as possible

Judy was pruning houseplants when her mother called her to dinner. Which guideline for good table manners should Judy use?
a) Be seated at the table, then get up after the salad course and go wash her hands.
b) Finish working with the plants before going to the table.
c) Wash her hands before going to the table.
d) Wipe her hands on the table napkin before eating

When a group of teens were eating out and received poor service, they became noisy and did not leave a tip. What type of behavior did the teens display?
a) Acceptable
b) Formal
c) Inappropriate
d) Informal

A salad is served as a first course and the main part of the meal will be served alter. 2 forks are part of the place setting. Which fork should you use to eat the salad?
a) Fork farthest from the plate
b) Fork next to the plate
c) Largest fork
d) Small fork above the plate

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