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What is true about the years 1000 B.C. and 1000 A.D.?
a) 1000 B.C. is an earlier date than 1000 A.D.
b) 1000 B.C. was 1010 yrs. ago
c) 1000 A.D. came before Christ's birth
d) 1000 B.C. came after Christ's birth

Scientists believe that the earliest hominids lived in
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) North America

The Great Pyramid was built for which Egyptian pharaoh?
a) Khufu
b) Cleopatra
c) Tut
d) Alexander

Which of the following leaders was a Macedonian who conquered a huge empire and spread Greek culture?
a) Pericles
b) Xerxes
c) Alexander the Great
d) Hannibal

Who was the leader of Athens during its golden age?
a) Pericles
b) Hammurabi
c) Cleisthenes
d) Plato

Which of the following was a Greek philosopher and scientist?
a) Alexander
b) Aristotle
c) Pericles
d) Hatshepsut

Who was the leader of Rome at the start of the Pax Romana?
a) Caesar
b) Augustus, or Octavian
c) Cleopatra
d) King Tut

Which pharaoh's tomb has taught us a lot about ancient Egyptian culture, because it was almost completely preserved?
a) Hatshepsut
b) Tutankhamen
c) Caesar
d) Leonidas

Who is considered the father of the Hebrews/ Israelites?
a) Moses
b) Abraham
c) David
d) Augustus

The time before writing was invented is called
a) prehistory
b) the Paleolithic Period
c) the Neolithic Revolution
d) phalanx

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