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Sudan IV is
a) insoluble in lipids; soluble in water
b) insoluble in lipids; insoluble in water
c) soluble in lipids; soluble in water
d) insoluble in water; soluble in lipids

Which term best describes a positive test for the brown paper bag test for lipids?
a) soluble
b) reddish-orange
c) translucent
d) none of the above

To test for the presence of lipids,
a) both the brown paper bag test and Sudan IV are used
b) the brown paper bag test is used
c) Sudan IV is used
d) neither Sudan IV or the brown paper bag test can be used

A triglyceride is
a) glycerol backbone and 3 fatty acids
b) glycerol backbone and 2 fatty acids
c) glycerol backbone and a fatty acid
d) none of the above

Which of the following identifies the monomer of lipids
a) amino acid
b) triglyceride
c) nucleotide
d) monosaccharide

Lipids are also known as
a) fats and oils
b) sugars and saccharides
c) double helix
d) carbs

Which of the following describes lipids in water?
a) soluble
b) insoluble
c) dense
d) pretty

The function of lipids include
a) long term energy storage
b) insulation
c) protective coatings
d) long term energy storage, insulation, and protective coatings

A positive test for Sudan IV turns
a) green
b) bluish-black
c) reddish-orange
d) purple - violet

Which of the following is NOT an example of lipids?
a) vegetable oil
b) butter
c) beef fat
d) hemoglobin

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