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What direction does force need to act to produce the greatest amount of work?
a) perpendicular to the direction of motion
b) in the same direction of the motion
c) against the motion
d) at a 45* angle of the motion

A car jack exerts a force of 4000 to raise a car 1.2 meters. The amount of work done by the jack is _____Joules
a) 0
b) 3333
c) 4800
d) 10200

The action that would require no work to be done is
a) pushing a cart of the hill
b) holding your textbook
c) throwing a baseball
d) lifting a balloon from the floor to the table

A 60 N block is pushed up of ramp that is 4 meters long and 3 meters tall. The amount of work done against gravity is ______ joules
a) 0
b) 45
c) 180
d) 360

when work is done on an object, causing the object to move, the object gains
a) kinetic energy
b) mechanical advantage
c) efficiency
d) friction

An electric heater raises the temperature of water by adding 5250 J of energy to the water in 20 seconds. What is the needed power for this to happen?
a) 105,000 watts
b) 6500 watts
c) 262.5 watts
d) 0

Running up a flight of stairs, Maria generates 350 watts of power. If it took her 7 seconds to climb the stairs, how much work did she do?
a) 6 j
b) 50 j
c) 2450 j
d) 3900 j

A car has a mass of 6200 kg and is moving at a velocity of 15 m/s. A 20,000 N force is used to move the car 34.85 m. What is the car's kinetic energy?
a) 15,000 j
b) 93,000 j
c) 697,500 j
d) 1,395,000 j

what is the unit of measurement for power?
a) watt
b) joule
c) newton
d) power does not have a unit

what is the unit of measurement for work
a) watt
b) joule
c) newton
d) work does not have a unit

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