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What is the name of the middle layer of the atmosphere?
a) mesosphere
b) stratosphere
c) thermosphere
d) troposphere

In which layer of the atmosphere do meteors burn up?
a) stratosphere
b) mesosphere
c) ionosphere
d) exosphere

The main gas in our atmosphere is...
a) Oxygen
b) water vapor
c) Nitrogen
d) Argon

The ionosphere has what kind of particles?
a) charged
b) uncharged

About what percentage of our atmosphere is oxygen?
a) 78%
b) 1%
c) 21%
d) 100%

The amount of matter is called
a) altitude
b) gravity
c) mass
d) intertia

Ozone is made up of __________ oxygen atoms.
a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 5

The height above sea level is...
a) attitude
b) altitude
c) skyline
d) air pressure

Terrible students make teachers explode helps us remember...
a) the metric prefixes
b) the layers of the atmosphere
c) the planets in order

Ozone helps to block these waves...
a) ultraviolet
b) radio
c) infrared
d) gamma

Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer?
a) exosphere
b) troposphere
c) stratosphere
d) thermosphere

The atmosphere is a thin layer of...
a) gases
b) liquids
c) solids

The _____________ is responsible for many of the natural processes on Earth, including the water cycle.
a) ocean
b) atmosphere
c) moon
d) sun

Which is not a major type of cloud?
a) convection
b) cirrus
c) stratus
d) cumulus

Which process related to the water cycle produces clouds?
a) melting
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) precipitation

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